Sunday, August 21, 2011

Haseleu wins again at Raceway Park

For the second year in a row Nathan Haseleu (#87) scored a win in the ASA Midwest tour Shakopee 125 at Raceway Park.  Nathan started the race in the second row, but the outside lane got shuffled back on the start and he ended up in 8th position just 10 laps into the race.  Haseleu was one of the first cars to start using the top groove on this tough 1/4 mile track and he passed Steve Carlson and Jeff Storm on the outside to scratch his way tword the front of the pack.
Defending Raceway Park champion Adam Royle (#89) lead for most of the first 74 laps of the race and was pulling away when he had mechanical problems and pulled off the track.  Hawkey Downs winner Jonathan Eilen (#77) had charged up to third place when he had mechanical problems and spun out in corner #3 causing another caution.
The new ASA Midwest tour "double file" restarts helped as Haseleu chose the outside lane and moved up numerous positions mid-race.  With Royle and Eilen both having problems, that left Haseleu to battle with Chris Wimmer and Jacob Goede for the top stop.
Nick Panitzke (#22) was fast-timer in qualifying and seemed to be the fastest car on the track the final portion of the race, with the invert he started 7th row outside and finished a strong 3rd place, battling Chris Wimmer for the runner up spot.
Andrew Morrissey (#39) lengthened his ASA Midwest tour point lead because Ross Kenseth did not attend the race, he was at his college orientation at Clemson University.  Morrissey now leads Nathan Haseleu by 70pts, Jacob Goede in third 81pts back then Tim Schendel fourth 93pts behind.

Unoffical results:
1- Nathan Haseleu
2-Chris Wimmer
3-Nick Panitzke
4-Andrew Morrissey
5-Michael Bilderback
6-Jacob Goede
7-Steve Carlson
8-Skylar Holzhausen
9-Griffin McGrath
10-Nick Murgic

12-Tim Schendel
17-Jonathan Eilen
19-Adam Royle
23-Molly Rhoads

Listen for interviews with all the top three finishers on "Speedtalk on 1360" radio with Jason and Dean Saturday morning 10-11am on KRWC 1360am or at

Here is a youtube video link of the beginning of the race, #89 Adam Royle passes #78 Skylar Holtzhausen.

Here is a youtube video link of the last few laps of the race, #22 Nick Panitzke trys to pass #52 Wimmer with #87 Haseleu out front.

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