Friday, August 28, 2009

Local racers in the hospital

A couple local racers are in the hospital this week. Many time 4 cyl champ Mike Dimmick #82 had a big wreck last Saturday at Elko. He suffered a broken right foot and was in the hospital for surgery on Friday Aug 28th. They inserted a rod into his foot and he will have to stay off his feet for 6-8 weeks .. so that means no more racing in 2009 for him.

ASA Midwest tour driver Josh Vadnais #11, #36 .. had an emergency procedure to remove his appendix late Thursday night and is recovering in the hospital on Friday Aug 28th.

Get well soon guys!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Erin Crocker gets hitched

Former NASCAR truck series racer Erin Crocker has wed former Jeff Gordon crew chief Ray Evernham.

Evernham is now a part-time ESPN commentator and Crocker is racing Sprint Cars, as a matter of fact, she is racing this weekend in Knoxville IA.

As many of us remember, Crocker and Evernham both raced Legends cars at Raceway Park in Shakopee MN a couple years ago.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Please support our sponsors

Speedtalk on 1360 has the best sponsors around, as a racing community, we need to be loyal to the businesses who support us.

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Jason and Dean on

Erin Gillis did an interview with Jason and Dean for her site on

Its now available to listen via pod-cast.. Jordan Bianchi also is interviewed on this site.. Check it out!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

NASCAR champ meets the President

Jimmie Johnson got a chance to visit the white house last week, here is the link to his meeting with the President.

Aug 22 wrap-up

Dean picked Kyle Busch to win Bristol, Jason and Jordan picked Mark Martin. The champion at the end of the year will win a 1/24th die-cast AJ Allmindinger car as a traveling trophy.

Dean was right.. Kyle Busch won at Bristol with Mark Martin finishing second.

The interviews with Donny Reuvers, Chris Wimmer and Steve Carlson went great from Raceway Park... ASA Midwest tour announcer Matt Panure was good too!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Speedtalk Aug 22 pre-view

We have full coverage of the ASA Midwest tour race from Shakopee.

We will bring you inteviews with the top 3 ... Winner Donny Reuvers, Steve Carlson and Chris Wimmer.

We also have a nice little chat with Tour announcer Matt Panure.

Jordan Bianchi and Dan Plan will join us too

Saturday 11-noon on KRWC 1360am

Jason & Dean

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Reuvers wins Shakopee 100

Donny Reuvers started third row outside but moved to the lead on lap 9 to win the Shakopee 100 ASA midwest tour race at Raceway Park on Sunday night.

Steve Carlson followed Bryan Roach on the low-side after an early caution, that opened the door for Reuvers who used the high side to take the top spot. Carlson stayed on Reuvers tail the rest of the race, Donny even brushed the wall on lap 69 while passing a lapped car but held on for the win at his home track.

Unofficially Chris Wimmer finished third followed by Jeff Storm, Jamie Farrel, Nick Nevell and Nathan Haseleu.

We will broadcast interviews with the top 3 finishers on the Saturday Aug 22nd Speedtalk program, plus a bonus interview with tour announcer Matt Panure.

Brian Vickers won the Michigan NASCAR race when Jimmie Johnson ran out of gas (again). Jeff Gordon finished second and Dale Jr in third.

Racing's small rewards can be biggest victory

By Dean Reller

SHAKOPEE, MN (August 15, 2009) - I’ll be the first to admit that I am NOT a racecar driver, but as a longtime fan, race official and media member I have a true appreciation for the skills of any driver who takes to the track. Case in point, I was invited to a special race between ASA Midwest Tour Officials, all of which are very good friends of mine at Raceway Park in Shakopee.

Over the years I have gotten a chance to jump behind the wheel of a racecar and take it around the track or in my case, attempt to take it around the track without ending up in a heap against the wall. My first learning experience of the day was after I climbed behind the wheel of my car. The challenge was to put on my seat belts. Unlike your street car, buckling up involves a little more than just one click. A racecar has five belts that surround you from every angle, virtually eliminating any chance of moving in or out of seat. This of course is all in the name of safety, with comfort not really anything to be considered. In my previous racing endeavors, I always struggled to connect each of the belts in the proper order, nonetheless get them to the required tightness of making me feel like I have become actually part of the car. The stars must have been aligned correctly, because I got all hooked up and in a record time to boot.

Now it was time to take to the track. I was last in line to go out, which was OK, because that gave me an opportunity to maybe make a pass. With the green flag out, I was off and running. The first couple of laps I was just trying to feel out the car, braking going into the turns, letting it roll a bit, before getting back into the throttle. I know that the best place to be at Raceway Park was to be as low as you can on the track, after all that’s the shortest way around, not to mention where everyone usually is on any given race night.

I made a couple of passes and felt like things were going really good. Meanwhile, ASA Midwest Tour Vice President Steve Einhaus and ASA Midwest Tour Race Director Eric Peterson were motoring around at a pretty good clip and soon they came up on me. I heard them coming and so I let Steve by and it wasn’t long before Eric came flying by as well. That’s when I thought maybe if I follow Eric I could pick up some speed. That was a BIG mistake. While going into turn three, I came in faster than normal and then started to jump on the gas a little harder and faster than I had before. This was the recipe for disaster as I lost control, slid over the rumble strips and then went into the dirt in the infield. Without stopping, my goal was to get right back onto the track. It sounded like a good plan, but the rumble strips don’t allow you to get back on the track as easily as you got off it. Somehow I managed to get back onto the track, but I soon realized that the proper, safer and much less bumpy way to get going is to drive on the grass and blend back in on the straightaway. (Now I know why the drivers do that.) With that behind me, our first mini-race was done and we all pulled into the pits, only to go at it again a few minutes later.

Instead of starting last, I started near the front which actually gave me the potential of running in front. When the green waved I carefully pulled off a pass and found myself in second, which looked promising, but I knew that the speedsters from before would be soon coming up on me. Now as I mentioned earlier, the bottom groove at Raceway Park is where most people run so in order to pass, you have to make the high groove work. By this time, I noticed someone was working on my low side, so I decided to let the car ride up a bit and give the top groove a try. That was a Really BIG mistake. As I slid to the top, at least four cars and possibly somebody’s Grandma took advantage of the opening as I was shuffled right out of the way. As soon as I saw an opening, I got my car back down to the bottom as fast as I could. Donny Reuvers and most recently Adam Royle have found a way to make the high groove work and I have an even greater respect for those drivers as I got a little taste of how hard it is to run up there. Once I got settled back on the bottom I was able to track down the car in front of me, but ran out of time to try and make a pass.

As I wheeled into the pits, I thought at least I didn’t hit the wall and nobody ran into me, so all in all it was not only a learning experience, but it was a big rush as well. Even though I didn’t finish first, second or even fifth, I feel as though I walked away a winner. Why you may wonder? Well, the things I learned on the track helped me to better gain insight as to what transpires during a race. With that info, I can better paint the picture as I go about my business of writing and reporting about the races that I cover. That to me is more of a Victory than finishing first in any race.

I’d like to thank the ASA Midwest Tour Officials and the staff of Raceway Park, for allowing me the chance to race. I highly recommend any race fan to get the real life experience of driving one of the Track Cars at Raceway Park, it is well worth it.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Speedtalk had fun at the fair

We did a live broadcast from the Wright county Fair in Howard Lake.

Tim Olson brought his ASA Midwest tour car on display for young and old to enjoy. We talked to Tim about the ASA Midwest tour season and pre-viewed the race at Raceway Park in Shakopee.

We also talked to the director of the Wright co fair demo derby Gary Fieldseth, he gave the results from Friday night's sold-out show.

We gave out a TON of prizes for the fans who attended the broadcast including: Twins tickets, Zoo passes, Free bowling, Renissance festival tickets and passes to Raceway Park in Shakopee.

Thanks everyone who came out or listened at home.

Jordan called in his pick, he is sticking with the hot hand with Tony Stewart, Dean thinks Mark Martin will make it two in a row at Michigan and Jason picks Carl Edwards to win at Michigan on his 30th birthday.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend Racing update

Jordan was right! Tony Stewart wins the Watkins Glen road course race.

ASA Midwest tour News .. Good news for Minnesota fans! Dean and I hope to broadcast this race on KRWC and "live streaming" on the web-site.

the Race for the Gold - Gold Race has been moved to ASAMT date on Saturday, September 26th at Elko Speedway in Elko, MN. The non-points Super Late Model event at Dells Raceway Park, an ASA Member Track, scheduled for Saturday, September 12th has been removed from the schedule.

Dont Forget to see Jon or Tim Olson with a ASA Midwest tour race car at the Wright County Fair in Howard Lake during "Speedtalk on 1360" this Saturday morning from 11-noon! The ASA Midwest tour is at Raceway Park in Shakopee this SUNDAY night Aug 16th at 6pm.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Speedtalk Aug 8th Recap

NASCAR Watkins Glen predictions: Dean took Juan Pablo Montoya, Jason chose Jimmie Johnson and Jordan picked Tony Stewart.

Corey Atkinson Pre-viewed the NHRA weekend at Brainerd.

Dave Cain talked with us after his big win at KRA on Wednesday.. he said it's the nicest trophy he has ever won.

Dan Plan recapped Jimmie Mar's win at the USA Nationals and pre-viewed the ASA Midwest tour race at Raceway Park on Aug 16th.

SPEEDTALK will be LIVE at the Wright Co Fair in Howard Lake on Saturday Aug 15th from 11-noon... See an ASA Midwest tour Late Model on display and register for tickets to Raceway Park in Shakopee!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Aug 8th Preview

Speedtalk on 1360 will talk NHRA racing with "straight-line" Corey Atkinson.. (formerly of FAN Motorsports)

Wednesday night Willmar Mod winner Dave Cain will be joining us along with Jordan Bianchi and Dan Plan too.

Should be a fun show!

Saturday 11-noon on AM 1360 KRWC or

Jason and Dean

Mars wins the $50,000

Jimmie Mars wins the USA Dirt Nationals at Cedar Lake WI and takes home the big check $.

Justin Fegers was the fast qualifier for the 63-car field with a lap of 13.922 seconds.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Carlson wins, Harvick 8th

Steve Carlson wins the Dixieland 150 Tuesday night at Kaukana

1 - 66 - Steve Carlson - West Salem, WI 2 - 87 - Nathan Haseleu (TS) - Pardeeville, WI 3 - 52 - Chris Wimmer (TS) - Wausau, WI 4 - 199 - Frank Kreyer - Wisconsin Dells, WI 5 - 77K - Kris Kelly - Norway, MI 6 - 21 - Tim Schendel (TS) - Sparta, WI 7 - 22 - Nick Panitzke (R) (TS) - Sauk Centre, MN 8 - 29 - Kevin Harvick - Bakersfield, CA

The tour next comes to Raceway Park in Shakopee MN a week from Sunday.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Speedtalk sponsor SPECIALS

Lou Fegers Racing in Delano is currently running a racing equipment CLEARANCE SALE this week...

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Monday, August 3, 2009


Denny Hamlin wins at Pocono, he said "It was my greatest day." .. Jason picked him to win it. Scorecard this year Dean, Jason and Dan 1 win... Jordan zero.

Robbie Gordon and David Stremme were both PARKED by NASCAR for five laps for wrecking each other.

Give some credit to the fans at Pocono .. a packed house for NASCAR racing on a Monday.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Aug 1 Show wrap-up

Jordan Bianchi picked Mark Martin and Jason Searcy took Denny Hamlin and Dean took Carl Edwards.

Ron Krog talked about the rise of Mod-4's, some of the most interesting personalities he has covered over the years and the big money at some of these dirt track specials.

Dan Plan was live at Cedar Lake and reported over 100 Late Models in the USA Dirt Nationals shooting for the $50,000 to win payday.

Remember we will be LIVE at the Wright County Fair in Howard Lake on Saturday Aug 15th from 11-noon as per usual. Tim or Jon Olson will be there displaying an ASA Super Late Model car.