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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Local drivers steal the show at Monster Jam

By Jason D Searcy

Two drivers from the Upper Midwest stole the hardware in front of their hometown fans during Monster Jam at US Bank Stadium.

Brainerd Minnesota native Becky McDonough (above) thrilled the crowd by tearing the horns off her Monster Truck El Toro Loco while also nailing the backflip in route to achieving the top score and taking home another Monster Jam Freestyle Trophy at US Bank Stadium.

This was her second Freestyle win in Minneapolis after winning in the Sunday December 11 2016 event and winning the Two Wheel Skills competition during the Saturday Dec 10th event 2016 Monster Jam Returns to MPLS

Freestyle Results:
1- El Toro Loco - Becky McDonough 9.483
2- Hot Wheels - Scott Buetow  8.933
3- Grave Digger - Charle Pauken 8.720
4- Max D - Tom Meents 8.544
5- Black Pearl - Cole Venard 8.457

Another local driver, Cole Venard from Murdo South Dakota, was the upset winner of the Racing portion of Monster Jam at US Bank Stadium, he won all four races in this bracket style competition driving the Black Pearl.  Fourteen Monster trucks participated.

Venard beat Monster Truck royalty Ryan Anderson in Son-uva Digger in the Racing final.

The Two Wheel Skills Competition was won by Tom Meents from Paxton IL driving Max D.  His car control was nothing short of amazing by doing the reverse nose wheelie and moonwalk.

Two Wheel Skills results:
1- Tom Meents - Max D 9.638
2- Charlie Pauken- Grave Digger  8.966
3- Becky McDonough - El Toro Loco 8.504
4- Linsey Weenk - Lucas Oil Crusader 8.369
5- Ryan Anderson - Son-uva Digger 8.343

Ryan Anderson had electrical and mechanical problems all night long but there was a very nice crowd in attendance, the program started right on time at 7pm and concluded at 9:35pm.

*photos from Dean Reller and Jason Searcy

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