Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chump Car 2011 schedule

The Chump car series will be returning to the Midwest again in 2011.  This is a road racing series that has really taken off in this time of recession.  It was formed for racers who may have the talent but not the budget to race in other sanctioned series.

These cars have all the normal safety standards (roll cage, fuel cell, etc) but should only have a maximum value of $500.  Four drivers per car race in these endurance events which range between 14 and 24 hours in length.

Speedtalk on 1360 radio followed Buffalo (MN) driver Michael Wray (photo above) as his team finished in 6th place (out of 29 cars) at Brainerd International Raceway (MN) and in 5th place (out of 24 teams) at Iowa Speedway in 2010.  The Iowa race was delayed at one point by a serious thunderstorm, the Wray team was in second place for much of the race but lost numerous laps late in the event because of a blown radiator hose. 

The 2011 schedule is as follows:

Road America, Elkheart Lake (WI) March 26 and 27th.

Iowa Speedway 24 hour endurance race April 30-May 1.
Iowa Speedway National Championship (invite only) September 3-5.

Brainerd Internation Raceway (MN)
Double 7 hour enduro June 4th and 5th.
14 hour endurance race Saturday July 16th.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Support MN racing

We are looking for 2011 sponsors for "Speedtalk on 1360," the weekly radio show, web-cast and web-site.

The radio show is important because it exposes racing to the general public, its hard to pick up new fans if they never hear about local racing in the media.

Help us promote motorsports in Minnesota.  We interview about 40 different drivers per year on the radio. We go to Iowa Speedway and talk to Kyle Busch, Reed Sorenson and Trevor Bayne.  We cover the ASA Midwest tour better than anyone, we interviewed 12 different drivers from the tour including Ross Kenseth, Chris Wimmer, Dan Fredrickson and Steve Carlson.  We go to Brainerd International Raceway and talk to Trans-Am Champion Tony Ave and MN legends like Jim Derhaag.  We also go to our local short tracks and interview weekly winners.  Awesome announcers like Matt Panure and Ron Krog also take the time to come on our show.  We are in the business of promoting racing in Minnesota, but we need your help to continue to do that.

We need sponsors for the "Speedtalk on 1360" radio show.  The cost is only $50 per week for two :60 ads that are broadcast during the show.  Those ads will also be heard to people logging in on the web-cast.  If you want to target a motorsports audience, this is the way to do it.  Its a great way to support local racing.

Jason D Searcy has been hosting a weekly motorsports radio show since 1991, and his co-host Dean Reller has been on board since 2001.

If you sponsor the radio show you also will get a lot of publicity on we will set up a link to encourage race fans to go to your web-site or shop at your business.  We all know race fans are the most loyal of all customers.  We can also use our twitter and facebook pages to promote any product you want MN racefans to know about.  This is all included in your $50 per week cost.

The web site provides MN racing news, original video, photo's and stories you wont find anywhere else.  Its all about promoting MN Motorsports.  We also have contests and give away tickets to racetracks, or die-cast cars.

The radio show is Saturday mornings from 10-11am on KRWC 1360am radio in Buffalo MN.  They have a great listening radius that stretches from St Cloud to Minneapolis.  If people are out of range, they can listen on the web.

The show begins Saturday April 9th and goes through the entire local racing season until October 1st.  A total of 26 weeks of LIVE radio plus publicity on the web all year.  To be a full sponsor the entire season would only cost your business $1,300 (billed monthly).  That gets you radio ads, web links, twitter and facebook promo's.

If you would like any additional information contact Jason at (763) 355-7320 or


Sunday, January 9, 2011

2010 MN Asphalt driver of the year

Kane named MN Asphalt driver of the year

by Jason D Searcy (

The 2010 Speedtalk Minnesota Asphalt Driver of the Year is Brent Kane from Lonsdale (MN).

Brent had a truly remarkable season in 2010 driving a V-8 Sportsman stock car. He had 19 feature wins along with earning the point title at both Raceway Park in Shakopee (MN) and Elko (MN) Speedway and an ASA Midwest Sportsman series race at Elko (photo below).

Brent credits his brother Nate (in photo below) for preparing a winning car. "Over the years I've been so hard on him," said Brent "we've had arguments at the shop trying to make sure everything is perfect, now its all worth it." Nate Kane was recently recognized in Charlotte (NC) as a finalist for the NASCAR mechanic of the year award.

Its not hard to find the Brent "freight train" Kane fans in the crowd (called the Kane-iacs), they are the LOUDEST group in the stands, in both sight and sound. (photo below) "Every time I roll out of turn four, all I see is orange," says Kane "that must screw with the other drivers a little bit."

Kane originally raced with the number 84, but when that number was not available at Elko Speedway he changed to the number 99 because of his admiration for Dick Trickle. "He is the greatest stock car driver ever," said Kane.

Kane has been racing in the Thunder car/Hobby stock division since 1999, but it took until 2010 for him to win his first title. They spent many hard years learning how to win races and eventually a championship. "It takes patience on the track, a lifetime of racing and focusing on the championship every week," said Kane "Its worth all the long nights, we've got it in our blood."

In local racing its common for a driver to win a championship and immediately move up to the next division, but even after 11 years in the Thundercar/Hobby Stock division Brent is still not anxious to jump into a Super Late Model. "Some guys who race Late Model don't seem to have any fun, all they do is spend money," says Kane "the class we are in is a great class, I don't see any reason to move up."

Kane again has high expectations for the upcoming season. "We plan on doing the same exact thing in 2011," said Kane " this is too much fun!"

"Speedtalk on 1360" is a racing news website ( and weekly Minnesota Motorsports radio show on KRWC 1360am in Buffalo (MN).

*Past winners of this award are Adam Royle in 2009 and Dan Fredrickson in 2004.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Lou Fegers Swap Meet

It has been annnounced that the annual Lou Fegers Racing winter swap meet in Delano (MN) will NOT be taking place in 2011.