Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 wrap up


2020 did not go as planned for Speed Talk on 1360, the pandemic and social distancing rules made it difficult to do at track interviews and even for our hosts to be in the same studio together.  We did do one special Daytona 500 broadcast on Facebook that you can see here Daytona 500 2020 Special

Many race events were cancelled but it also opened up the opportunity to visit some new or seldom visited venues.  Here is the story Jason submitted to the Midwest racing connection on this interesting race season.

Scroll to Page 10 DEC 2020 MRC CLICK HERE

Elko Speedway did finally begin the 2020 season in August and raced 8 consecutive weeks.  Here are some play by play calls of the racing action from Jason

Jojo Kottschade 3rd Bando win

Tom Quade final race win

Julie Jorgenson 5th Elko win of 2020

Ayrton Brockhouse 7th Bando win at ELKO in 2020

Julie Jorgensons 4th Elko win of 2020

Heskett 3rd ELKO win of 2020

Blohm 8th win of 2020 at ELKO

Jacob Goede 5th win of 2020 at ELKO

Jojo Kottschade 2nd Bando win

Jeremy Wolff win 2020

Chris Marek 2nd win of 2020 at ELKO

Tim Brockhouse 7th win of 2020 at ELKO

Jacob Goede 4th win of 2020 at ELKO

Ben Gannon first career win

Joe Prusak win #202

Austin Jahr first career win

Adam Wiebusch 3rd win at ELKO 2020

Michael Haggar 4th win at ELKO 2020

Steve Schultz win at ELKO 2020

Josiah Kottschade first career Bando win

Brandon Plekkenpol first Power stock win

Chris Marek first win of 2020

Michael Haggar 3rd win at ELKO in 2020

Jacob Goede 3rd Elko win of 2020

William Sawalich first career win

Joe Prusak win #200 lead up

Joe Prusak win #200

Tim Brockhouse career win #207

Tim Brockhouse career win #206

We lost a dear friend to the racing community, long time car owner and sponsor Richard Timm from Discount Taxi.  Jason had the opportunity to talk to Richard himself plus some of his family, friends and drivers before his passing.  

Robby Carter talks about Richard Timm

Shannon Rae talks about Richard Timm

Dano talks about Richard Timm

Richard Timm talks about his racing memories

Our NASCAR reporter from day one, Jordan Bianchi, is now covering NASCAR for the Athletic online subscriber based paper, he is one of the best reporters in the sport.  Follow him on Twitter Jordan Bianchi on Twitter or listen to his weekly podcast by searching "the Teardown."

After 10 years on KRWC radio the future is uncertain for Speed Talk on 1360, Jason and Dean have both been part of the racing media for 30 years and that will continue, don't count us out.  Thank you to our long time sponsors and supporters, I hope that you enjoyed it half as much as we did.   One thing is for sure we will hope to "See you at the Track." - Jason and Dean-o