Saturday, November 21, 2009

Drama at Homestead

Its come down to the final race of the Chase in our weekly fantasy NASCAR competition, the prize is an awesome limited edition 1/24th die-cast of AJ Allmendinger.

Jordan leads Dean by just one point going into the season finale at Homestead FL.

Jordan gets first choice, and it was a tough 0ne. He thought about picking a Roush driver: Kenseth, Biffle or Edwards because of the Roush domination at Homestead in the past. He is going with JEFF GORDON, who has never won at Homestead (the only track on the schedule in which he is winless). He has run very well there though, he has five "top 5" finishes there in the last seven races.

The pressure is now on Dean, who needs to beat Jordan by two positions to win our competition, or one position to tie.

Dean is going with JIMMIE JOHNSON this weekend. Jimmie has only 2 "top 5" finishes at Homestead in the past, but he was very fast in practice and starts on the the pole position.

Dean thinks Jimmie will go for the win and capture his fourth straight NASCAR championship. Jimmie has been Dean's go-to guy this year, so he will go to the well one more time.

Jason is out of contention for the Allmendinger cup this year, but is looking to end the season with a winner. He picks JUAN PABLO MONTOYA to pick up his first ever oval track win at his current hometown of Homstead FL.

Juan Pablo lead a couple laps there last year and has improved at intermediate tracks in 2009. He was fast in practice and wants to win in front of his biggest group of fans this weekend.

In case Dean and Jordan tie after the race on Sunday, we dont want to cut the car in half so, we needed a tie breaker. It will be the final winning POINT DIFFERENCE between the champion and second place.

Jimmie Johnson currently has a 108 pt lead over Mark Martin and just needs to finish 25th place to clinch the championship.

Jordan thinks that Jimmie will lose some points and his winning margain will only be only 85pts. Dean takes the opposite position and thinks that Jimmie will increase his point lead over Mark Martin and win the championship by 160pts. If they tie, the one who is closer to the actual margain will win the car.

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