Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wissota Expo 2009

WISSOTA Expo 2009

By Dean Reller

St Cloud, MN (November 14 2009) - Racer's from all over the midwest converged at the St Cloud civic center for the 2009 WISSOTA Expo. The expo featured seminars on everything from race car set up, to driving techniques.

The most popular event was the trade show with many racing products on display and for sale. The booth with the most interest seemed to be the full sized Modified racing simulator. Aspiring racers sat in an actual Modified and turned laps in a simulated race, while the car responded just as it would on the track.

Following the expo, the WISSOTA National Awards Banquet was set to cap off the two-day gathering of race track racers and operators.

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  1. It was a good time at the Expo and the Promoter's Retreat. Would have been nice if there were more people though. I did thoroughly enjoy myself though! :D