Sunday, December 11, 2016

Ryan Anderson ushers in a new era of Monster Jam

By Jason D Searcy

December 10, 2016

Dennis Anderson driving Grave Digger has been the King of Monster Jam throughout the entire Metrodome era.  That era is over and his son, Son-Uva Digger driver Ryan Anderson, has taken over the crown in a very non-traditional way at the new US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis (MN), he is just as much as an acrobat as a driver.

Ryan Anderson (above on right) absolutely thrilled the sold-out crowd with a display of two-wheeling tricks and totally intentional near wrecks.  The moves Anderson displayed looked more like something a BMX biker or a Freestyle Motocross racer would attempt.  He rode the corner on his two side wheels and even clipped a jump just with with his rear tire to create another unexpected move.  He won the Freestyle and nobody in the crowd even noticed he never attempted the back-flip.

Freestyle Judging Results:

Son-Uva Digger       36
Lucas Oil Crusader  35
FS1 Cleatus             34
Max D                     32
Hot Wheels              29
Monster Energy       28
Grave Digger           28
Mad Scientist          26
Scooby Doo            26
Zombie                    24
El Toro Loco            24
Thunder 4x4             21
Mohawk Warrior      15
Black OPS               12

While many of the drivers stuck to the conventional but Ryan Anderson just took Monster Jam to the next level in Freestyle a new era fitting for the new billion dollar stadium in Minnesota.  Linsey Weenk (below) in Lucas Oil Crusader almost swept the night, he did a great job in freestyle and stood up the truck after doing the back-flip.

Linsey Weenk in Lucas Oil Crusader won racing over Damon Bradshaw in Monster Energy by a mark of 18.629 to 18.831.

Becky McDonough (above) from Brainerd (MN) driving El Toro Loco did a great job in winning the Wheelie Contest after standing her truck up on the tailgate, shoving the truck in reverse and making a great save.

 Veteran driver Madusa (above), also originally from Minnesota, spoke on camera before the event, she was injured and unable to race this weekend but she thanked the crowd and hoped that her career has inspired some young female racers.

A founding father of the sport, Everett Jasmer from Ham Lake (MN) was also in attendance, he was introduced to the crowd and displayed his USA-1 Monster Truck, one of the first Monster Trucks to catch the eye of the public back in the 1980's.

The event started at 7:11pm and ended at 9:26pm.

Another Monster Jam show will be held Sunday afternoon at 3:30pm, tickets are still available.

It was also announced that another Monster Jam show will be held at US Bank Stadium on Saturday night February 11th, 2017.

*El Toro Loco photo courtesy of Shane Carlson

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