Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hutchinson Race Car show 2013

18 race cars and lots of race fans attended the Levi Schwanz memorial Race Car show on Saturday March 23rd at the Hutchinson (MN) Mall.

Levi (photo above) was a big race fan and the son of organizer Derik Schwanz.  He died as a child with heart problems at the age of six back in 2007, the car show is in memory of him. 

Here are some photo's of cars on display:

Cars photo's from top to bottom:
#20G Chris Graf
#25 Dan McCain
#25 Brent Reierson - lightning
#33 Matt Schauer
#48 Fuzzy Albrecht
#48 Dakota Bryant - autocross
#72 Chris Isaacson
#74 Clint Hatlestad
#75 Josh Telecky
#77 Doug Schwanz
Spiderman Aaron Wisch

Here are the results of the voting:
  People's choice - # 75 Hobby Stock Josh Telecky
  Car show winner - #48 Fuzzy Albrecht Sport Mod
  Car show runner-up #74c Clint Hatlestad IMCA Modified
  Car show 3rd - #71 Josh Larsen

Here is the link to the 2012 Hutchinson Race car show photos

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