Saturday, February 9, 2013

Many benefits to Motorsports sponsorship

By Jason Dale Searcy

Just by clicking on this link you should feel good about yourself.  As a matter of fact, you now can call auto racing "your sport" even if you don't race.  Just by following along you are the most important part of "our sport," the fan.

It's a proven fact that race fans are second to only hunting dogs when it comes to loyalty, and dogs don't spend any money so, I move race fans up to number one in my book. 

If you have ever considered putting your name on a race car or sponsoring Motorsports in any way, think of this

1-Race car drivers are really good at plugging their supporters.  What other athlete can rattle off their team sponsors at the drop of a hat?
2-A car sponsor can become iconic.  Just thinking back to all the years when I spent my summer at Viking Speedway in Alexandria (MN) watching Jeff Hinkemeyer racing the Amoco Ultimate car or Terry Merten in the Mustang Bar car or Dwayne Clarke in the Cinema 7 ride, this was twenty years ago and I remember it clear as a bell.

3-Many race fans do their shopping with race sponsors in mind, if I have a choice I always go with the business who advertises at the track and I am not alone.

4-As it relates to the Speed Talk on 1360 radio show, our audience does not turn the channel during a commercial, they support the people who make the show possible.

Sponsors give race teams money to advertise their business to people like you but it can be much more than that.  Being a sponsor is a way to be part of the team without getting your hands dirty.  You don't have to repair the car or scrape the mud.  Just show up on race night and you might be in victory lane, treated like a king and taking home a trophy.

I recently presented a sportsmanship award to Discount Taxi owner Richard Timm who has sponsored over 50 different cars over the last 30 years.  When asked why he continues to do this he replied, "Its all about the drivers."  To him it's not just an investment, a sponsorship is a rewarding relationship.

Here at Speed Talk on 1360 we have been blessed to have enough sponsors to make this show possible on public commercial radio, reaching a much broader audience than the "web-cast only" shows.  This will be my 23rd year doing a racing radio show, the last 12 with Dean Reller.  We have made relationships with people who are sponsors of the show, but also just as important, people we can rely on as a friend.

Our 5th year promoting Motorsports and interviewing drivers on KRWC AM 1360 begins again in early April.  If your business is interested reaching this loyal audience, please contact Jason at .

Cost is only $50 per week for two commercials per show, lots of plugs during promos on KRWC and a link to your business (front and center) on

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