Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ashley Judd at Iowa Speedway

Her job as a Hollywood actress makes her rich and famous, but Ashley Judd has a very different job on IndyCar race weekends, tending to her husband Dario Franchitti.  I caught up with her at Iowa Speedway on pit lane on qualifying day Friday June 22nd 2012, it seems she was very happy to talk racing instead of Hollywood gossip.

Jason:  What do you think of Iowa Speedway?

Ashley: I love this track, fun track, great racing, nice speeds, the drivers have a lot to do with braking and shifting and acceleration.  Hopefully like last year there will be some nice overtaking and spectacular stuff for the fans to enjoy.

Jason: Dario has done well here.

Ashley:  Dario has always done well on short tracks, I'm slightly prejudiced but short tracks are really technical and quite difficult and I think they bring out his expertise.

Jason:  You must have a very busy schedule but, I see you at many of these races, you must really enjoy being at the track.

Ashley:  I LOVE coming racing, last year I missed all but two races while I was filming "Missing," and was based in Europe for four and a half months.  I had to keep up through timing and scoring in the middle of the night through crazy time differences so, its really nice this season to be back in a normal routine following my HOT husband around.

Jason:  What is your job on race day?

Ashley:  Well, hand around and give my husband love and support and that is different things on different weekends.  I think its a privilege to be with and athlete when they are in their preparation time.  He has taught me to be a very safe person around him and taught me what he needs and I've been able to adapt to that.  Every driver is different and every family is different and we have really found a routine that works well for us.  I just do silly things, I make sure he has his hydration drinks and make sure we both stay fed.  We ate so well at this Mexican place in town and tonight I'm the lady that ordered four pies from Newton Family Restaurant (laugh).. So I do stuff like that.  I always look after the dogs and he needs his back wrapped and I do that, its fun.

Jason:  Good luck.

Ashley:  Thank you so much. 

*Dario did won his qualifying heat race on Friday but had bad luck on Saturday, blowing a motor on the first lap and finished 25th place.

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