Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hideaway Speedway will re-open this summer

These tough economic times have contributed to the likely closing of "I-94 Speedway" in Sauk Centre and "the Golden Spike" in Sauk Rapids MN for 2010.

I just got the word that a track that has been dormant for years will re-open this summer. Hideaway Speedway in Isanti. Its a 1/10th mile high banked track run by former I-94 Raceway TQ champ Darin Nelson.

To race on this track you will need a gas powered radio controlled (RC) car... they are approx 1/4 the size of a stock-car.

These cars just fly around Hideaway Speedway with speeds of around 50mph. A competitive used car will cost between $500-$1,000 dollars with a new one at about $2,000. Its a great way to feed your racing appetite even if you don't have room for race shop or the mechanical ability it takes to build and maintain a stock car.

Racing this summer is slated to begin the first week of June. For more information on racing or just going to see this unique form of racing call Darin Nelson at (763) 267-9161.

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