Thursday, January 28, 2010

NASCAR 2010 Preview; guest article #2

2010 NASCAR Preview (

Jan 28, 2010

by Cat Nelson

2010 should be an interesting season. With Aric Almirola being placed in the #09 car for the entire season and Brad Keselowski in the #12 car with Penske, I see an interesting battle with those two!

Brad is going to be under the microscope to bring the #12 back to the glory days of old, (sorry Mr Mom)! Eric will have to prove that he is what the hype about him in the past is correct, and not just a "flash in the pan."

My jury is out on Danica. I truly don't know that she can bring to the table what NASCAR and Junior are hoping for. As those of us fans know, Indy and NASCAR are worlds apart and it takes a very special driver to make that transition. Yes Jeff Gordon, Robbie Gordon, Ryan Newman and Tony Stewart made it look easy, but guys like Hornish, Carpentier and Franchitti showed that while there could be some brilliance, for the most part, Indy is where they belong.

That being said, I see the Hendrick dominance continuing. I don't see anyone being able to stop Jimmie Johnson, however with shining hopefuls in Brad (Keselowski) and Joey (Logano) showing off their skills, maybe the changing of the guard is in the future.

I don't see Junior winning the championship this year and I fear that if he doesn't win it within the next 2-3 years, he never will. Kyle Busch still has the potential but needs to bring his attitude in check, until that happens, no cup championship for him.

*Cathy was a regular contributor to KFAN Motorsports, you can find her most summertime Saturday nights at Elko Speedway .

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