Saturday, January 16, 2010

NASCAR 2010 Preview ..guest article #1

NASCAR 2010 Preview by Erin Gillis ( guest article)

January 14, 2010

I think a handful of drivers could do well in 2010. Of course you're going to have the Hendricks Motorsports drivers besides maybe Dale Jr, who could struggle a bit. The Joe Gibbs Racing drivers should do well and a couple others.

When it comes down to it, I think Kevin Harvick is going to do well. Richard Childress racing has finally figured some things out at the end of 2009 and I think that will continue into 2010.

When I look at what Kevin Harvick did at the end of the season last year, it seemed like things really clicked into place for him. Kevin Harvick can get it done, and with this upcoming season being his last year of the contract with Richard Childress racing, he is likely to be more motivated to get good results.

Yes, you can say its because he is in a contract year, but I think he wants to forget what happened at the beginning of 2009 and continue what he was doing the last few races of 2010. Not to mention that he wants to prove that he can still run well and win some races. Maybe even attract a contract somewhere, whether its at RCR or at another organization that is looking for a driver. Maybe Stewart-Haas if they decide to add another car or two.

Hopefully RCR can continue what they were doing late last season into this year and not go down the wrong road, like last off-season.

With the improvement of what RCR is building and the motivation that Kevin Harvick is more than likely to have this season, I expect him to perform better.

Don't just look for Harvick to have a good season at RCR, keep an eye on his teammates Clint Bowyer and Jeff Burton. I wouldn't be surprised if they do well this season, in addition to Kevin Harvick.

*photo above is Erin Gillis with Richard Petty

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