Saturday, February 6, 2010

NASCAR Guest Article #3

Three "friends of the show" are combining for our final NASCAR 2010 preview guest article.

Mr Mom (Mark Carlson)

After all the rumors of adding another team to Stewart-Haas racing, they have stayed with improving the two teams they started with. Both Ryan and Tony left money on the table in 2009, and they want it back.

Look for changes on Ryan's pit crew, much improvement is needed there. A couple 3-4 seconds will make a mark in 2010. Ryan remembers how last season started for him, and I'm pretty sure that history will not repeat itself.

Knock, Knock (Wayne Warnest)

I think Dale Jr will make the chase with Rick Hendrick putting more emphasis on that team this year. I would pick Jeff Gordon to win the Sprint Cup championship, Denny Hamlin will have a breakout year and give Gordon a run for the title.

Eric Peterson ( I-94 Raceway flagman-race director and ASA Official)

Kyle Busch will take the strong season he had in the Nationwide series and run with it in the Sprint Cup series. Kyle will have a lot on his plate with both running his own team and still driving.

I think you will see Kyle finish in the top 3 this year and give the Hendricks teams a run for their money.

The thing that "WE" short track racers have to love about him, is the fact that he brings out his Super Late Model and goes and races the local short tracks. Great to see when someone with his skills comes back to race the short tracks.

Jason and Dean will be posting their 2010 NASCAR predictions later this week.

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