Saturday, November 10, 2012

Turnout light at WISSOTA Expo

By Dean Reller
November 10, 2012

(ST. CLOUD, MN) The racing is over for the year and all that’s left is to crown some Champions and set the stage for the upcoming season.  That was the main focus of a weekend full of events for the WISSOTA Promoters Association.  The event showcased the WISSOTA National Championship winning drivers and the National Awards Ceremony handed out the trophies and checks to those who had a successful year racing in all of the WISSOTA sanctioned classes in 2012.  The WISSOTA Promoter’s Association Annual Meetings, also a part of the weekend, always seems to produce some rules changes and those changes weren’t officially announced at this event.  The exact details of any changes will be announced at a later date.
A noticeably smaller crowd was on hand at Saturdays WISSOTA Expo held at the St. Cloud River’s Edge Convention Center.  The Expo featured many racing vendors showcasing everything needed to go racing.   Instructional seminars allowed drivers and crews to increase their knowledge so that they can be the one’s doing the celebrating at the 2013 event.
Here is a photo gallery of some WISSOTA Champions.
#2 Dave Cain, #21 Dave Read, #7 Shane Sabraski, #4 Rob VanMil

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