Sunday, April 29, 2012

Opening Day at Raceway Park

By Jason D Searcy (speedtalk on 1360)

It was cloudy and cool with a few sprinkles on opening day for Raceway Park in Shakopee (MN).

The poor weather did not hurt the Mini-Stock car count, 35 cars entered, making a "B-Feature" necessary.

B-Feature winner:
Eric Mohline

Main Event:
1-50 Jason Heitz (photo below)
2-24 Jack Purcell
3-14 Justin Schelitzche
#97 Paul Griffin hit the wall head-on in corner #2 and may need a new front clip, he seemed OK when exiting the vehicle.

Kidney Bean race:
1-50 Jason Heitz
2-24 Jack Purcell
3-71 Tom Sibila

The Figure 8 divison had two feature events as per normal, the second race lived up to the "Wild and Crazy" billing, numerous drivers used both fenders and bumpers to make a pass.
Feature 1:
1-61 Mark Bronstad (photo above)
2-89 Ricky Martin
3-87 Todd Wilson

Feature 2:
1-33 Rick Martin
2-89 Ricky Martin
3-03 Dennis Barta

The Flag-Pole race (above) was entertaining with cars merging and spinning around the flag pole mounted in a tire on the front stretch.
1-87 Todd Wilson (photo below)
2-89 Ricky Martin
3-07 Nate Nemis

The "Thunder V-8" division is a mix of V8 powered cars racing the regular oval, it was agressive and wild on the restarts with 3-wide becoming normal, 20 cars entered this race.

1-2 Adam Radiske
2-87 Todd Wilson
3-89 Ricky Martin

The Spectator Drag portion of the show was won by Justin Otterholt (photo below) driving a Pontiac Firebird.

Raceway Park races every Sunday evening at 6pm, get more information at


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