Saturday, September 10, 2011

Golden Spike to open for one last weekend?

By Dean Reller
September 10, 2011

(SAUK RAPIDS, MN) Since closing a little over two years ago, it looked as though racing had vanished completely from the once popular Sunday night racetrack.  In it’s prime it was located just a few miles east of town, but with the growth of the city of Sauk Rapids, the dormant track now sits about a half mile from the high school, just outside the sprawling city.  Many rumors have come and gone since the track saw it’s last checkered flag wave, but each time the prospect faded and never made it to fruition.
However, a glimmer of hope has emerged when it was announced that the Golden Spike would reopen for a pair of events billed as “The Final Events EVER” at the Golden Spike Speedway on Saturday September 24 and Sunday September 25th.  Saturday’s events will feature Hornets, Short Trackers/Hobby Stocks and Pure Stocks with the green flag waving at 3 PM, followed by a concert by the band Chaser.  Sunday’s racing will feature a 200 lap, 4 Cylinder Enduro slated to begin at 3 PM.

*SPEEDTALK UPDATE (9/21/11) The Sunday racing line-up has changed.  Hornets, Short Trackers/Hobby Stocks, Pure Stocks and Vintage cars will also race on Sunday beginning at 3pm.

Even though the track is opening for a weekend of racing, it is very unclear what the future holds for the racetrack as a For Sale sign still hangs on the front gate in advance of this upcoming event.

Race promoter Chris Stepan is putting the event together and he will join us Saturday at 10:30am on Speedtalk on 1360 radio. 

Speedtalk on 1360 radio with Jason Searcy and Dean Reller is every Saturday morning from 10-11am on KRWC radio and

*SPEEDTALK UPDATE (9-13-11) ... we were told by a Leighton employee, that the Leighton broadcasting (KCLD radio in St Cloud) group is attemping purchase of the Golden Spike, the future of the track is unknown at this point.

*SPEEDTALK UPDATE (9-17-11)  Chris Stepan told us in the interview that he is working as a promoter with the goal of racing at the Golden Spike in 2012.

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