Saturday, June 26, 2010

Iowa Chump car race

The Iowa Speedway Chump-car race is Saturday-Sunday June 26-27th.
Buffalo driver Michael Wray leads a team driving a Ford Escort ZXT, the other members are: Nick Johananes, Tim Porter and Rich Labas. Twenty four teams are competing in this 24 hour endurance race.
We will continue updating the results.
After the first two hours their team was in fifth place just two laps behind the leader. After four hours they are in fourth place, just three laps behind the leader.
After Six hours ... they are in second place, just two laps behind the leader. Half-way through the race (12 hours) and the #3 team is still in second place, four laps behind the team #51. The #3 team had a set-back this morning, they dropped to fifth place (28 laps behind the leader). The racing was suspended for a few hours because of serious thunderstorms. They ended the endurance race finishing in 5th place.

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