Sunday, December 11, 2011

Youth Dominate Monster Jam at Metrodome

By Jason D Searcy

Move over Grave Digger and Maximum Destruction, a couple young kids showed they are more than capable of knocking off the elder statesmen of Monster Jam at the Metrodome.
First time winner 21 yr old Morgan Kane driving Monster Magic shocked the Metrodome crowd with a win in the racing portion of the show.  He beat El Madador and then took advantage of a mistake by Lindsey Weenk driving Lucas Oil Crusader, who bicycled up onto Avenger in the Semi-Finals (photo above).  Then a big upset in the finals as he beat Ryan Anderson in Son UVA Digger by inches.  Morgan Kane and Ryan Anderson have been friends since childhood and now seem to be ready to take their game to the next level.

Grave Digger (photo above) and Maximum Destruction (photo below) both bowed out early in the racing portion.  The Max D truck missed the final ramp, got the 5 second penalty and lost in the second round.
The FreeStyle portion was once again a struggle for the veteran drivers. Tom Meents in Maximum Destruction broke the truck early in the run but still ripped up the course scoring a 26. Dennis Anderson in Grave Digger also broke early but couldnt get anything going, he scored only 19 pts. The Anderson kids did put on a great show though, Adam in Grave Digger Legend finished with a 29 and Ryan won with a score of 30! Here is a youtube video of that run.
One year ago the first Metrodome Monster Jam show had a smaller crowd due to a snowstorm, and the second show was cancelled due to the dome roof collapsing.  This year the crowd was much better with the entire lower section sold out and over half of the upper level full.  Monster Jam will return to the Metrodome in Minneapolis MN on January 21st 2012.  Then we will see if the Icons of the sport will retake their crowns.

Here are the UNOFFICIAL results from Freestyle, December 10 2011.
1-Son UVA Digger 30
2-Grave Digger Legend 29
3-El Toro Loco   26
4-Max D   26
5-Stone Crusher 24
6-Lucas Oil Crusader 23
7-Grinder  23
8-Avenger  21
9-Madador  20
10-King Krunch  20
11-Grave Digger  19
12-Superman  18
13-Monster Magic 18
14-Brutis   17
15-Iron Man  15
16-Monster Mutt  7

Official results,_MN/

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