Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pick the Podium PICKS

With a donation from Darin Nelson at Hideaway Speedway, we are giving away an awesome #3 Earnhardt die-cast to who can PICK THE PODIUM for the NASCAR chase.

Here are our contestants and their picks:

Wayne Warnest: Harvick, Gordon & Kyle Busch
Kerry Backes: Johnson, Bowyer & Hamlin
Jim Fischer: Kyle Busch, Harvick & Biffle
Tom Fronk: Burton, Harvick & Hamlin
Tim Sebo: Kyle Busch, Harvick & Johnson
Scott Searcy: Hamlin, Harvick & Johnson
Geoffrey Olmscheid: Johnson, Hamlin & Stewart
Jake Fischer: Harvick, Johnson & Stewart
Rob Thurston: Harvick, Hamlin & Johnson
Mike Dimmick: Harvick, Johnson & Gordon
Dianne Warnest: Hamlin, Edwards & Johnson
Bruce Doeden: Hamlin, Kyle Busch & Harvick
Belle Searcy: Hamlin, Edwards & Kyle Busch
Daryl Harth: Gordon, Hamlin & Johnson
Brenda Olmscheid: Johnson, Harvick & Burton
Michele Searcy: Edwards, Kyle Busch & Johnson
Tracy Fischer: Johnson, Hamlin & Gordon
Cindy Thoennes: Gordon, Johnson & Harvick

Here is the breakdown to everyone's picks (including Speedtalk media)
Johnson 17 votes with 5 wins
Hamlin 14 votes with 5 wins
Harvick 12 votes with 4 wins
Kyle Busch 8 votes with 3 wins
Gordon 5 votes with 2 wins
Edwards 3 votes with 1 win
Burton 2 votes with 1 win
Stewart 2 votes
Biffle 1 vote
Kurt Busch 1 vote
Bowyer 1 votes
Kenseth 0 votes

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